Transform your participant support with an integrated software solution

Do you have a reliable integrated software solution in place, or is your organisation still relying on an outdated system to protect your participant data?

Too many providers are still using outdated systems to track, record and maintain sensitive participant data, which has the potential to lead to poor support outcomes because of the systems’ limitations.

Many organisations are unaware of the poor people impacts an outdated and disconnected system has on participants. With an integrated software solution in place, you will be able to transform your quality of support from good to great.

Over the years, I’ve partnered with many healthcare providers across Australia to reshape the way they manage sensitive participant information. At CTARS, we’re committed to supporting carers and managers to use reporting analysis to achieve their goals in providing high-quality support.


Poor support outcomes with an outdated system

All too often, I’ve seen providers and the people they support suffering the negative impacts resulting from failures to meet the challenges of handling and tracking critical participant information and service provision data.

If a key worker or manager in your organisation needs historical participant information, do you know how much time is spent looking for the current files or validating that information is up to date? A lack of access to accurate information impedes carers’ ability to provide high-quality support.

With an outdated or disconnected data system in place, your organisation runs the risk of creating a negative experience for the participant that has real life, highly detrimental impacts.


Implementing an integrated software solution

Your organisation will benefit from implementing an integrated software solution, that works to minimise the business and people impacts of unsecure and difficult to manage critical participant information


1. Data-protection for your participants

Often, outdated systems run the risk of exposing participants personal information, because of overt accessibility through reliance on paper-based record keeping, or multiple fractured software systems. With a cloud-based solution in place like CTARS, your participants information can be securely stored to mitigate risk. Click here to book your demo and see CTARS software in action.

CTARS will keep your data secure.

CTARS cloud-based solution will mitigate risk with exceptional data protection.


2.Gives visibility into service data

Having visibility across all participant files is critical for healthcare professionals to be able to offer the right quality support. CTARS’ cloud-based system displays data in a coherent and consistent format, ensuring absolute visibility of participants records. Want to see how? Book your demo.

CTARS gives you clear visibility

Gain absolute visibility into participant information with CTARS cloud-based software.


 3.Can be reached by the necessary people anywhere, anytime

Ensuring on-hand access to participant information is critical for healthcare providers and doctors to be able to provide the necessary support. CTARS cloud-based system makes it easy for service data to be recorded and tracked anywhere at any time, so that healthcare professionals are being driven my real-time data. Click here to book your demo of CTARS, and discover for yourself how leveraging cloud-based software and analytics will improve the quality of participant support you offer.

Access data anywhere.

With an integrated software solution, healthcare professionals can easily update participants information in real time.


Enhancing people impacts

CTARS cloud-based system allows organisations to improve their participants quality of support by giving participants a more positive experience. With an integrated software solution in place, your participants are in better hands.

Paired with CTARS, your organisation will be able to:

Deliver better participant support through seamless collaboration between all team members and third-party systems. This enables:

  • 360-degree participant view of any data;
  • Seamless integration with other systems;
  • Real-time information; and
  • Participant centric design.

Reduced costs as the cloud provides a whole new model for increasing efficiency:

  • Invoice automation;
  • Reduced overheads;
  • Highly configurable; and
  • Per participant licensing.

Full compliance to assist your organisation in achieving out-of-the-box industry compliance:

  • Configurable from builder;
  • Industry accreditation and compliance, including NDIS;
  • Data protection; and
  • Configurable role-based controls.

If you would like to see CTARS in action, click here to request a demo. Alternatively, if you would like to get in touch you can reach us here.

Author bio:

Brendan Fahey is the CEO and founder of CTARS. He has a long history in providing innovative solutions to the industry. Brendan’s significant industry knowledge has guided the development of CTARS software at every stage to meet operational needs.

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