Our expertise encompasses care,
technology, business, and government

Located in Sydney, Australia, CTARS was founded by Dr Lisa Fahey and Brendan Fahey, who have a long history in providing innovative solutions to the industry. Their significant industry knowledge has guided the development of CTARS software at every stage to meet operational needs.

CTARS was founded with clinicians’ and consultants’ wide-ranging expertise in healthcare, human services, and technology.

At CTARS we identified the challenges from both the perspective of organisations requiring a Client Management System (CMS) and from the clients receiving support, and then built the solutions with these challenges in mind.

Since 2009, CTARS has always been committed to driving a continuous review and redesign process with proactive collaboration with regulatory and industry bodies.

Today our management team includes expert clinicians and consultants with expertise in many types of technology, including agile software development, local and global application development, communications technology design and integration, and API-first strategy design and deployment.

We continually invest in research and development initiatives to ensure our software remains at the forefront of the industry and to assist our customers in providing better outcomes to their clients.

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CTARS is fortunate enough to work with organisations across the country that are providing some incredible service and outcomes for those they support.

Such organisations place a high value on diversity and social justice in their practice, and we are proud to be able to assist in the care they provide. To find out more about some of our partners, please find their details below:


Fulfills operational and case management needs of diverse organisations

CTARS is especially suited for organisations serving people requiring a high level of care or with complex needs. Clinicians, staff, and carers all use CTARS hands-on to improve client care.


Aged Care


Specialist Behavioural & Mental Health


Community Development Programs


Social Research & Intervention


Police & emergency services


Veteran Support