Why Choose Us

CTARS addresses the universal challenge in human services; that is, to generate clean and meaningful data in an efficient way so that critical decisions can be made within an appropriate time. In so doing, it allows Staff and Carers to focus on their core capability of providing support and care for clients.

Real Time

Supports managers and other stakeholders with access to real time information on client behaviours.

Open Interfaces

Ability to interface directly with other organisation systems such as rostering, accounting and other systems as required.

Reduce Costs

Aggregation of statistics and automated reporting reduces administration workload and costs.

Field Ready

Empower your carers with the right tools to get their job done. Our cloud-based services allow data collection and record keeping to be performed anywhere at anytime.

Happy Customers

Our approach is focussed directly on the participant/client in care and the interactions with all stakeholders.

“ CTARS has streamlined our reporting process, revolutionised data accessibility and significantly improved the quality of interventions and outcomes for our clients. ”

Michael Cashin

“ CTARS is supporting us to achieve best practice service provision, a must for any agency dedicated to systemic excellence. We couldn't work as efficiently without it. ”

Kyle Smith

“ CTARS is a revelation, we love it. The mobility services and cloud infrastrcuture will change the way we provide care and allow us to invest in our field force with more certainty. ”

Rick Cook