Care-based organisations in Australia today need to provide quality care while maintaining strict compliance with regulatory bodies such as NDIS and State governments. Rising costs and legislative changes make this especially challenging.

CTARS has been developed with significant industry expertise to ensure we offer best practice processes with access to solutions that continue to evolve with changing demands across the NDIS, disability, foster care, and children’s services landscapes.




Guided frameworks for data capture allows care workers to provide rich, targeted, client-centric observations and outcomes with each client interaction.

With higher quality client information, care teams, managers, clinicians, and other stakeholders are able to discover real-time insights and trends, which allows informed evidence-based decision making to take place.

Teams can identify risks, monitor progress toward goals, and draw comparisons between unique points in time. This can all be done for individual clients or collective groups.


Reduced cost

Embedded billing processes and scheduling workflows within the platform allow different service streams of an organisation to focus on their requirements.

Role-based architecture means care workers are able to focus on service delivery without being caught up in financial planning for clients, while finance and scheduling staff can focus on business process. This tailored system navigation means staff are guided toward their core role functions without getting caught up system workflows unrelated to their outputs.

As a result, users enter and access data more efficiently, reducing administration time and allowing greater opportunity for improved service delivery to clients and business operations for the organisation. 


Full Compliance

Within a sector that continues to evolve, both in requirements of service providers, and in the expectations of outcomes delivery for clients, ensuring organisations remain compliant with relevant legislation is critical. Imbedded forms and processes that extend beyond regulatory requirements mean organisations don’t just meet compliance targets but also demonstrate best-practice standards of service delivery.

Through relationships with state and national bodies as well as industry practice leaders across the sector, CTARS’ product offering continues to evolve to remain ahead as a genuine CMS and influence progressive standards of care. 



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